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Nico Hulkenberg: A Better Man After Three Years Out of Formula 1

Nico Hulkenberg, the new Haas driver, believes that his time away from Formula 1 has been a positive experience. When the 2023 season begins, Hulkenberg will be one of the most experienced drivers on the grid, having raced in numerous Grand Prix races. However, he acknowledges that there may be some rustiness that he needs to overcome after being out of the sport for a while.

At the end of the 2019 season, Hulkenberg was released from Renault and only made occasional appearances as a reserve driver for Racing Point and Aston Martin. However, in 2023, Haas has given him another chance by replacing Mick Schumacher with him, hoping that his experience will be beneficial.

Hulkenberg can see the benefits of taking a break from racing, as his new teammate, Kevin Magnussen, also took some time off before returning in 2022. He has spoken about his time away and says that it has been "very positive" for him.

"I can only speak for myself," Hulkenberg told "But 2019 wasn't always great, and I felt like I needed that time away. And then, when you step away, you gain a different understanding and new perspectives on what you've done and how things went."