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Ferrari's Approach to Improving Strategy under New Team Principal Frederic Vasseur

Throughout the Formula 1 season, Ferrari faced recurring issues with their strategy, including errors during the Monaco Grand Prix and questions over not pitting Charles Leclerc late on at Silverstone, as well as a controversial intermediate tire qualifying gamble in Brazil. While some felt the mistakes called for the replacement of the strategy chiefs, then-team principal Mattia Binotto was more understanding. He believed the errors were often overstated and sometimes the result of limited information available to the strategy chief at the time. With the arrival of new team principal Frederic Vasseur, strategy is expected to be a key area of focus. However, Vasseur's approach appears to be different from the idea of replacing personnel. He believes that mistakes in strategy are often a result of infrastructure problems rather than individual fault and sees the solution as improving processes rather than personnel changes. Vasseur is also taking a cautious approach with the rest of the team, seeing it as arrogant to quickly change the technical structure. He trusts the current personnel and believes in continuous improvement rather than drastic changes.

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